John McGowan, Ph.D, CPA

After completing the Master of Accounting degree at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, John McGowan successfully passed the CPA exam. Upon graduation, he worked as a controller for a medical services corporation called Heuristic Medical Systems. After more than a year, he decided to make use of his CPA certificate and went into public accounting in Southern Illinois. Shortly thereafter, John was invited back to teach accounting at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Enjoying the combination of teaching and practicing accounting, John decided to pursue a Ph.D. in economics and tax. This would open the door for a career in accounting, teaching and doing research in a business school.

Dr. McGowan completed his doctorate in 1988 and started his career as an accounting professor at Saint Louis University (SLU). In a career that has extended beyond 30 years at SLU, John has had the good fortune of teaching nearly 10,000 students. He feels it has always been a privilege to play a small part in the professional and character development of so many outstanding students at SLU.

Professional Career

His professional career at SLU has included the publication of dozens of tax, accounting, and economics articles.

Expert Witness Consulting

With a Ph.D. in economics and accounting expertise, Dr. McGowan has served effectively as an expert witness for over 30 cases. The majority of cases have been in the area of calculating damages from lost wages and lost capacity of wages. Dr. McGowan has also been involved in a large class action gender discrimination case involving an accounting firm. Another area of specialty has been fraudulent tax shelters. Dr. McGowan has also served as an expert in cases involving accounting malpractice. Most recently, Dr. McGowan has been retained to calculate damages in a wrongful death case.

Funded Research Studies

Dr. McGowan has also engaged in numerous funded research studies. Examples of these studies include several articles on the financial health of defined benefit multiemployer pension plans. In addition to publishing articles in this area, Dr. McGowan was invited to testify before Congress on two separate occasions for his research on the financial health of multiemployer pension plans. A second example of a funded research study and a refereed publication is the topic of whether Doctors of Chiropractic should be included as covered providers under Missouri Medicaid. This economics-based research also led to a legislative change in Missouri whereby Doctors of Chiropractic are now covered providers under Missouri Medicaid. Other examples of funded research projects include: impact of legislation on the Missouri Gaming Commission, impact of prospective hotel taxes on the hospitality industry, and an analysis of corporate tax reform proposals on Missouri Corporations.

Tax Consulting

Dr. McGowan has engaged most of his research in the area of taxes and economics. In addition, his primary tax teaching interests have been in the areas of corporate, partnerships, S corporations, international and individual taxation. Between teaching and researching such diverse areas of tax, Dr. McGowan has also had a vibrant career in tax consulting. In addition to his own practice, he was also worked for numerous high-quality accounting firms such as Deloitte Tax. He has also taught both tax and accounting for Deloitte Tax. In the area of transfer pricing, Dr. McGowan conducted a number of transfer pricing studies for Solutia under the guidance and supervision of Ernst and Young.

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