I have a PhD in Economics, and a Master of Accounting. Additionally, as a CPA, I have been practicing accounting and serving as a Professor of Accounting at St. Louis University for 30 years. I also became a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) because I enjoy the area of forensic accounting.

If you are in need of an expert witness, it is best to look for someone with a broad range of industry exposure. I’ve been doing expert witness work since the late ‘90s, working on cases covering a variety of fields. My case experience includes tax shelter cases, where my opinion was required for the determination of fraudulent tax shelters, analyzing the financial health of multi-employer pension plans, malpractice cases for accounting firms and accountants, gender and age discrimination cases, calculating loss damages, lost wages, lost capacity of earnings, and I have been asked to present an opinion in government hearings. I have done forensic accounting which involved comparing transactions within different entities to determine if and where corruption has taken place. As a long standing member of the academic accounting community, I’m familiar with the professional responsibilities of CPAs, and tax advisors.

As an expert witness, I am called upon to render an opinion on a particular question of finance and/or accounting. Wether it be damages or liability, in court cases, in the halls of local, state and national government, or in forensic analysis, when a decision is being made on a specific issue, my opinion is valued because of my expertise and training.